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Why Choose Magdalen’s Pure Skin Care?

  • Excellent Wax and Brazilian Bikini Wax Services
  • HydraFacials, Chemical Peels, and Organic Facials
  • Extensive List of Skin Care Solutions
  • Affordable Pricing
  • 15+ Years of Experience
  • 1,500+ Five-Star Google Reviews

Our waxing salon guarantees top-notch facial treatments, specializing in skincare, waxing, and Brazilian wax services. We are proud to provide tailor-made skin care and waxing services designed to deliver enduring results even after your session ends. With more than 1,500,000 reviews, our salon distinguishes itself from other facial spas and waxing studios across Maryland. Our services are specifically customized to address the unique needs of each client.

Schedule an appointment with us in Montgomery County, MD, and personally experience our exceptional services.

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We now have the HydraFacial MD for treating and rejuvenating your skin!!

Magdalen’s Pure Skin Care is a day spa situated in downtown Rockville, Maryland, next to Montgomery College. Initiated in 2008 by Magdalen Karugi Karanja, a fervent, licensed Esthetician who was raised in Nairobi, Kenya. As a child, Magdalen held a strong fascination with skincare and even experimented with making her own skincare masks using tropical fruit recipes she discovered in the Kenyan newspaper, the Daily Nation, persuading her friends to try them.

Our salon is renowned for providing the 10-15 minutes Brazilian wax using Nufree, a no-sugar, no-wax, soy-based product that adheres to hair without sticking to the skin. We extend comprehensive waxing services to both men and women, including eyebrow shaping and waxing, underarm and leg waxing, and Male Brazilian waxing – if it has hair, we can wax it!

Our skin care regimen features the popular and profoundly effective HydraFacial MD treatment, which cleanses, exfoliates, and gently extracts impurities while infusing skin-specific products into your skin. The HydraFacial MD, favored and endorsed by numerous celebrities, leaves you with glowing and hydrated skin, showing results after just the first treatment. It is highly effective for all skin types and conditions, including acne, hyperpigmentation, and brown spots.

We also provide VI Peel treatments. The distinctive combination of ingredients in the VI Peel generates powerful results with zero pain, no skin prep, and minimal downtime, removing all dead skin cells to reveal fresh, new skin in just seven days. The VI Peel comprises a blend of several of the most potent medical peel agents currently available.

In addition to these services, we also offer signature facials crafted with our exclusive medical-grade skincare and 100% organic products. These treatments are designed to enhance your skin’s health and provide a radiant glow that lasts. Here at Magdalen’s Pure Skin Care, we’re committed to offering top-tier skincare solutions, customized to meet and exceed your specific needs.

Our staff members are all licensed, have considerable experience, and receive continuous training on the latest industry developments. Make an appointment and we guarantee you will relax, refresh, rejuvenate, and leave with a smile.

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Experience an extensive menu of both modern and timeless skin care treatments:

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Specialized Wax Spa in Montgomery County, MD

Immerse yourself in a rejuvenating assortment of calming treatments, nourishing Hydrafacials, and gentler waxing services that revitalize each and every client. Stemming from a deep-rooted passion for natural facial care, our beauty salon specializes in a wide range of facials – offering comfortable, secure solutions to enhance your skin’s texture, tone, and overall health.

With an extensive background exceeding 15 years in skincare and a commitment to enduring results, we are reimagining the spa experience, striking the perfect equilibrium between natural products and mild techniques. We strive to ensure every visit culminates with you feeling both confident and radiant. With our nature-infused skincare treatments and meticulously executed waxing services, we provide a roadmap leading to healthier skin and safe hair removal options.

Our veteran skincare methods and thorough cleaning procedures work to heighten the natural allure of your skin. Further, our personalized solutions harmonize with your distinct skin type, ensuring maximum benefits and satisfaction.

Facials in Rockville, MD

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From enhancing your skin to providing an ultra-smooth Brazilian waxing service, our spa specialists are committed to ensuring a secure and relaxing atmosphere. We utilize gentle products and proficient spa procedures to reduce discomfort while leaving your skin silky and rejuvenated. Additionally, we offer comprehensive body waxing services near Frederick, MD, addressing all your hair removal needs.

waxing for men and women

Waxing for Men and Women

Our customers rave about our quick, stress-free waxing service. Brazilians included! Read More about Waxing

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Our customers rave about our quick, stress-free waxing service. Brazilians included! Get a gift certificate here



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Professional Waxing Services in Rockville, MD

As a revered waxing spa in Maryland, we leverage an innovative blend called Nufree to reduce discomfort, safeguard the skin, and achieve complete hair removal without the need for tweezers or razors! Contrary to typical waxes, our soy-based mixture adheres only to the hair, not the skin, ensuring a skilled and gentle removal.

Additional advantages of our waxing services, offered at our wax salon in Germantown, MD, comprise:

Ultra-Clean & Careful Waxing Hair Removal Services:

We never re-dip into our wax, our estheticians wear sterile gloves, we cleanse and prepare the skin without alcohol, and Nufree is both antibacterial and antimicrobial for a 100% clean and pristine waxing experience.

Full-Body Waxing Simplified:

Our experienced team provides fast (10-15 minutes) and nearly pain-free Brazilian bikini waxes for women, male Brazilian, back waxing, underarm waxes, and everything in between. For waxing services, we work with all hair types, long hair, curly hair, and all hair types. For the smoothest waxing services in Maryland, Magdalen’s Pure Skin Care is the only spa you’ll ever need.

Waxing That Is Safe for All Skin Types:

Whether we’re conducting an intimate Brazilian bikini wax session in Gaithersburg, MD or you’re preparing for a full-body waxing before your vacation, you can rely on our 100% botanical, soy-based product to prevent irritation, burning, and bleeding. Our products are additive-free, easy to wash off, and never contain animal products, ensuring a superior quality that is matched only by the tender care we provide in our services.

Best day spa in Montgomery County, MD

Experience the Best Facials & Chemical Peels in Rockville, MD

If you’re seeking long-lasting, radiant results, look no further. Our extensive range of enriching Hydrafacials, chemical peels, and facials cater to all skin types. Are you battling with fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, dry skin, sun damage, brown spots, or simply aiming to prevent signs of premature aging? Our comprehensive facials and chemical peels involve the infusion of essential vitamins, minerals, and healing agents deep into the skin. These treatments aim to restore damaged cells and stimulate your skin’s natural healing processes.

Ideally located in Rockville, MD, our specialized beauty salon offers a sweeping selection of leading skincare treatments that will help you relax and invigorate. You’ll notice a healthier complexion, restored tone, and a distinct reduction in stress as our experienced Rockville professionals provide a restorative spa experience like no other.

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Reach out to our beauty salon today which prides itself on specializing in waxing and skincare treatments in Maryland for an incredible, deeply hydrated, and glowing skin, and experience the swiftest and smoothest Brazilian bikini wax ever. In Washington, DC, rest assured our skincare and waxing services are exclusively performed by licensed estheticians.

For any additional details about our offerings or for the precise location of our waxing salon in Rockville, MD, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Magdalen’s Pure Skin Care today!

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