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Unwanted body hair can tremendously impact your self-esteem. While many women routinely shave their legs, some body parts can be challenging to maintain, and razor stubble makes body hair management an ongoing duty. This is where hair removal waxing steps in, offering a practical solution to unwanted hair, boosting confidence, and saving time. At Magdalen’s Pure Skin Care, we can efficiently and painlessly wax any body part.

We employ Nufree – a soy-based hair removal product considered the gold standard in the industry and utilized by thousands of professional salons globally. Created over 25 years ago to assist plastic surgeons in hair removal before surgery, Nufree is acknowledged as the most effective hair removal treatment worldwide.

• Nufree is NOT A WAX and never sticks to the skin.
• Nufree is a self-preserving antibacterial/ antimicrobial, so it’s safe, clean, and germ-free.
• Nufree is completely BOTANICAL and safe for the entire body.
• Nufree doesn’t dry and can be erased at any time!
• Nufree is scientifically tested and uses no animal products.

Settle for nothing less than the best bikini wax, done swiftly and with minimal pain. Remember, we avoid tweezing, hair cutting, and above all, we never resort to double-dipping (a practice comprising dipping the stick only once and disposing it – precisely what you desire). Throughout the process, we wear gloves and strictly adhere to sanitary practices.

We understand the impulse to shave, but we aim to offer you a better solution. Hence, before your visit, abstain from shaving and present us with your natural growth. There is no need for complicated hair length measurements (who measures hair against long grain or sushi rice?). To achieve the best results, simply let your hair grow; contrary to popular belief, longer hair leads to a more comfortable experience. As an additional perk, our process eliminates the need for tweezing. So, prepare for a smooth transformation post your visit to our spa and enjoy your day!

Furthermore, a quality bikini wax should never result in bleeding – even if your hair is coarse or straight. We’ve heard stories of clients told that their hair was too curly – a preposterous notion! Whether you sport straight locks or curly hair, we’re equipped to handle it all. So, let it grow (no need for hair relaxers or measuring tapes), especially if you haven’t shaved in the last 3-4 weeks. We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to offering you a more sophisticated way to smoother skin.


Brazilian Wax Female

Our service encompasses the removal of hair from the pubic area and the buttocks – including those hard-to-reach spots shaving often misses. We execute the hair removal swiftly and effectively using Nufree, a no-wax, no-sugar, soy-based product that doesn’t stick to the skin. We allocate 20 minutes for the procedure, but the actual waxing takes less time – the extended duration accounts for administrative tasks and undressing. We firmly believe it’s unacceptable (even bordering on illegal) for Brazilian waxing to exceed this timeframe. Also, it’s non-negotiable: estheticians must wear gloves, and double-dipping is strictly forbidden – it’s utterly unsanitary!

Swapping stories of hour-long sessions? The distress of tweezing and the sting of alcohol post-waxing? Rest assured, we shun such practices! We avoid tweezers (sharp objects post-waxing? No, thanks!) and powders – we believe your pores need to breathe post-waxing. Instead, we apply finipil, an antibacterial and antimicrobial treatment that slows hair growth. To clarify, we don’t cut hair – we aren’t a hairdresser. Our guarantee is simple – no pain or torture, just top-tier waxing. An efficient 10-15 minute session can be so relaxing; you might even doze off during this pain-free Brazilian waxing experience.

BAD, PRETTY BOTHERSOME ROSIE (GO AWAY; I NEED TO BE WAXED!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Actually, Rosie is not in charge. I  am plugging you up, and I  am getting my Brazilian wax with or without your permission, meaning yes, you can wear a tampon and still get waxed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Okay, ladies, is it that time of the month that your friend, pretty, pretty Rosie, is visiting? You are still welcome to get waxed as long as you plugin. Okay? And for you ladies who use teeny, weeny diapers, you have to wait until Rosie packs up and leaves. Sounds good, right? We have to keep the hair at bay. Now I know if you feel that you don’t want to come because I know how stubborn Rosie can be, call and reschedule your appointment. That damn Rosie.

Expecting but prefer to be hair-free? We’ve got your back. Yes, we cater to pregnant women – and no, you don’t require a doctor’s note. Pregnancy isn’t an illness; it’s a beautiful journey! Even your doctor will appreciate your decision. We’re available to schedule your appointments right up to the final moments.

Our Brazilian wax services, open to both women and men, involve the swift and painless removal of hair from the pubic area and buttocks. We use Nufree, a no-wax, no-sugar product, for efficient hair removal. We’re firm believers that a Brazilian wax shouldn’t take longer than our 10-15 minute sessions – any longer is simply unnecessary!



All Brazilian Wax services involve the removal of hair from the pubic area and the butt crack. We remove all the hair fast and efficiently. We use Nufree, no wax, and no sugar for hair removal. We think it is illegal to have a Brazilian wax performed for a longer time than the time we take 10-15 mins or less that’s it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Off you go your merry way, ready to conquer the world hair-free! 

Our new service for Male Brazilians’s not just for women anymore! Guys, we also love to do Brazilian hair removal waxing for you. BUT NOTE this is 1000% Professional. We remove your hair, and that is it. Please don’t call us with other weird requests.   

Male Brazilian waxing has become a popular service over the past 15 years, dispelling the notion that waxing is exclusively for women. Men, like their female counterparts, also desire the benefits of smooth skin. Unlike traditional shaving, which often leads to pesky razor bumps and uncomfortable itching, a Male Brazilian wax ensures a smooth and irritation-free experience.

To get the best results from your first Male Brazilian wax, it’s recommended to refrain from shaving for at least 3-4 weeks beforehand. If you’ve never shaved in the area, even better – as it provides a clean canvas for waxing. And rest assured, the process is not as painful as some might fear; we utilize hard wax for male Brazilian waxing, ensuring a more comfortable experience.

Waxing is a temporary hair removal method, but one with long-lasting results. By removing the entire hair from the root, you can enjoy several weeks of hair-free, carefree living until the hair starts to grow back. While there are three hair growth cycles, waxing delays the regrowth, making it a more favorable option than shaving.

To maintain a consistently smooth appearance, we recommend getting a Brazilian wax every 3, 4, or 6 weeks, depending on your preference. This regular maintenance will keep you looking and feeling your best without the hassle of frequent shaving. Embrace the smoothness and confidence that a Male Brazilian wax can provide!

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