All our services are scheduled by appointment. New clients should give themselves enough time to get to our spa since they have never been with us before and arrive 10 minutes before their scheduled appointment to fill out the intake forms and use the restroom since most clients do. All returning clients should arrive 5 minutes before their appointment.

All appointments are scheduled with a specific therapist whose time is allocated exclusively to you for that time period. Since there are other bookings following your appointment and you are late, you will be considered as a no show and your appointment cancelled.

Please plan ahead and do not call 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment and say you are running late because of traffic or not having directions. Our directions are posted on our website and a link provided on your appointment confirmation email. Our schedules are based on the time required for the service and there are other clients who have appointments following yours. Please don’t ask us to shorten the service because we want to provide a good experience and the best results from your treatment.

Remember that all appointments are held by our booking system with credit cards to guarantee your appointment. Your credit card will not be charged unless you fail to show for the scheduled time.

Are you a first time client? Remember this is our first date and first impressions are important. Let’s start out on the right foot and be on time.

Are you a returning client? We want to keep our relationship going well so remember to keep arriving for your appointment on time.

Everyone: Please do not cram other things into your schedule when you have an appointment with us. Calling to say you are going to be 5 or 10 minutes late does not work. Do not squeeze us into your schedule for laundry, car repairs, hair, nails and other things. We are witing for you and other clients are right after you. It does not work – just come straight to your appointment with us, then do your other things. Your appointment with us is scheduled just for you and other clients are scheduled after you. It is not fair to make others wait because of your poor timing. If you arrive late for your appointment we have no other recourse and cannot  provide you with your treatment and have to charge for a missed appointment.


We require 72 hours notice for cancellations to avoid being charged for your scheduled appointment. The full appointment fee is charged for cancellations with less than72 hours notice or for no shows. This is to ensure other clients have an opportunity to book appointments for times that will be unfilled.

Please remember that your credit card will not be charged unless you cancel less than72  hours. Do not show up for your appointment too late for us to perform your service. Your appointment time is guaranteed. We do not shorten our services. Please remember to come at least 10 minutes before your appointment. We cannot be responsible for inclement weather, traffic delays, GPS malfuntions or wrong directions. You must call us when you receive your reminder if you cannot make the appointment. Please do not call us that you are running late. We are prepared to provide you the best possible services.


Your referrals are vital to the success of Magdalen’s Pure Skin Care. We would like to extend our gratitude for the business you bring when you refer your friends, family and co-workers. Each new guest who visits us on your recommendation will receive 10% off their first visit to us, as our warm welcome to Magdalen’s Pure Skin Care. With our sincere thanks you will also enjoy 10% off your next visit to our spa.


Typically, gratuity at a spa is calculated the same way as is commonly done at restaurants, about 20% or more if you feel you received excellent care. And remember, gratuities are usually based on the full service price, regardless of discounts provided. Gift certificates do not include a gratuity unless noted otherwise.

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