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hair removal waxingRegarding your self-image, few things are more devastating than unsightly body hair. While many women are used to shaving their legs, other body parts can be harder to reach, and razor stubble means hair maintenance can be a regular chore. That’s where hair removal waxing can be a convenient way for you to get rid of unwanted hair, feel more confident, and save time. We can wax any part of your body as quickly and painlessly as possible.

We use Nufree – A soy-based product for hair removal. Nufree is the gold standard in hair removal and is carried by thousands of professional salons worldwide. It was developed over 25 years ago to help plastic surgeons remove hair from a patient before surgery. Nufree is the most effective hair removal treatment in the world.

• Nufree is NOT A WAX and never sticks to the skin.
• Nufree is a self-preserving antibacterial/ antimicrobial, so it’s safe, clean, and germ-free.
• Nufree is completely BOTANICAL and safe for the entire body.
• Nufree doesn’t dry and can be erased at any time!
• Nufree is scientifically tested and uses no animal products.

Accept no substitutes; get waxed the right way – efficiently and almost painlessly. Remember, we do not tweeze…we do not cut hair (we are not Hair Cuttery), and …most importantly, we do not double-dip (meaning we only dip the stick once and throw it away – you want this). We wear gloves throughout (you also want this), and we never allow other unsanitary practices.

We know you want and like to shave, but we want to civilize you. So please, before you come to us, do not shave and bring us your little Amazon jungle or a chia pet. No, we don’t measure hair (we don’t think you can, either). Who goes there with a ruler to see if it is ¼ or ½ inch or whatever? We don’t know hair that is the length of a grain of rice., Long grain, Short grain, sushi rice, which one, Who came up with that? How does one do that? Too complicated. We eat rice, not compare it to hair length! So it would be best if you grew it out to get the best outcome, and no, it doesn’t hurt. When the hair is longer, it is just better! We don’t even tweeze since we remove all the hair. Thank you for growing out your hair, and welcome to the smooth you leaving the spa to do whatever you jolly you wish to do.

Another thing, when you are getting your Mercedes waxed, you shouldn’t be bleeding (no, that is not normal), and if you have coarse hair, straight hair, or whatever, it is okay. I had clients tell me that they were told their hair is too curly: What?! Should you relax your hair down there before waxing? No, grow the chia pet, get it to braiding length; that’s fine. Curly hair or straight hair, we shall remove it. For heaven’s sake, grow it out, no measuring. You have better things to do, don’t you? Other than measuring hair down there. Hair grows in cycles, so when you call us to be sure you have not shaved for at least 3-4 weeks beforehand, the longer, the better the first time. We thank you for allowing us to civilize you, just kidding. You are already civilized.

Brazilian Wax Female
This service involves the removal of the hair from the pubic area and the butt crack. And all those areas you can never reach when shaving (which you shouldn’t be doing; it is not a beard). We remove all the hair fast and efficiently. We use Nufree – A no wax, no sugar, soy-based product that does not stick to the skin for hair removal. We have you booked for 20 minutes but take less time than that from start to finish; the 20 minutes includes paperwork, undressing, etc. We think it is illegal to have a Brazilian wax for longer than the time we take, It is also illegal for your Esthetician not to use gloves, and double-dipping is a no-no. (Double Dipping is when the same waxing stick is dipped back into the way you don’t want this, this is unsanitary!!!!!)

Remember all those places you have been to where it takes almost one hour? You have been tweezed and had alcohol applied to you (OUCH!). I’ve heard all the stories. We don’t tweeze (OUCH SHARP OBJECTS NO!!!!!!!! NOT THERE YOU JUST GOT WAXED, THEN THIS A  NO!), and we also don’t use powder. We just waxed; let those pores breathe. We have finipil, which is antibacterial and antimicrobial for that, and it slows hair growth; we don’t cut hair – we are not Hair Cuttery. …no pain, no torture, just first class waxing…10 to 15 minutes and you are done… you might even fall asleep… it is an ouch-less Brazilian waxing experience.

BAD, PRETTY BOTHERSOME ROSIE (GO AWAY; I NEED TO BE WAXED!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Actually, Rosie is not in charge. I  am plugging you up, and I  am getting my Brazilian wax with or without your permission, meaning yes, you can wear a tampon and still get waxed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Okay, ladies, is it that time of the month that your friend, pretty, pretty Rosie, is visiting? You are still welcome to get waxed as long as you plugin. Okay? And for you ladies who use teeny, weeny diapers, you have to wait until Rosie packs up and leaves. Sounds good, right? We have to keep the hair at bay. Now I know if you feel that you don’t want to come because I know how stubborn Rosie can be, call and reschedule your appointment. That damn Rosie.

Pregnant don’t like hair? We got you covered. Yes, we wax Pregnant women, and no, you don’t need a doctor’s note; you are not sick, just pregnant, for heaven’s sake! And your doctor will thank you for that. We can schedule your appointments up to the last min.

All our Brazilian wax services involve the removal of hair from the pubic area and the butt crack. We remove all the hair fast, Painlessly, and efficiently. We use Nufree, no wax, and no sugar for hair removal. We think it is illegal to have a Brazilian wax performed for a longer time than the time we take 10-15 Mins; that’s it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We provide Brazilian wax for both women and men.


All Brazilian Wax services involve the removal of hair from the pubic area and the butt crack. We remove all the hair fast and efficiently. We use Nufree, no wax, and no sugar for hair removal. We think it is illegal to have a Brazilian wax performed for a longer time than the time we take 10-15 mins or less that’s it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Off you go your merry way, ready to conquer the world hair-free! 

Our new service for Male Brazilians’s not just for women anymore! Guys, we also love to do Brazilian hair removal waxing for you. BUT NOTE this is 1000% Professional. We remove your hair, and that is it. Please don’t call us with other weird requests.   

Brazilian waxing is no longer a female-only service; we have provided Brazilian waxing for men for about 15 years. Men, like Women, want smooth skin. Brazilian wax for men provides you with smooth skin, unlike shaving Razor Bumps, and ouch, the itchiness too? No, you want a Male Brazilian wax for this reason! When you get your first Brazilian wax, don’t shave for at least 3-4 weeks, and if you have never shaved, even better, we have a clean canvas! And no, it doesn’t hurt. We use hard wax for male Brazilian waxing.

Waxing is a temporary hair removal method (one of many to choose from!); it removes the whole hair from the root. So, you’ll have weeks of hair-free, care-free until another hair grows back again in its place. There are three hair growth cycles, so when you get hair removal waxing for the first time, the hair might come back sooner but not as soon as shaving. Getting a Brazilian Wax every 3,4 or 6 weeks will keep you nice and smooth.

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