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What to do before a Brazilian Wax?

What to do before a Brazilian Wax?

Okay, so diving into the world of Brazilian wax can be a bit intimidating, especially if you’re more of an introverted soul. It’s this vulnerable moment where you just want everything to feel chill and stress-free.

But hey, no need to stress out! Here at Magdalen’s Pure Skin Care, we’re on a mission to turn your waxing experience into something not just comfy but actually fun, leaving you feeling like a total rockstar!

So, let’s talk about the top 8 things to do before heading into the Brazilian wax zone. Now, let’s talk about the top 8 things to do before a Brazilian wax. We’re here to answer that burning question: “What to do before a Brazilian wax?” Hang tight; we’ve got you covered!

What to do before a Brazilian wax (8 tips)

Take a shower

Before coming in for your appointment, please ensure you’ve had a shower. We won’t get too detailed, but you get the idea. . It’s all about making sure we have a great experience for everyone involved, you know?

Now, if it’s your time of the month, things can be a bit different. Hormones can spice up the waxing experience, making you a tad more sensitive. No biggie, though! You can totally still get waxed before or during your period; just be ready for that extra sensitivity.

We’re totally cool with whatever time works best for you. If it’s that time, think about wearing a tampon. Just a friendly reminder: tuck in that string!

Don’t cut your hair

People think it’s a good plan to give their hair a little trim before a Brazilian wax. But hold up – that’s not the move! We’re actually looking for at least a ¼ inch of pubic hair, and if you want to let it grow a bit longer, that’s cool too.

Why? Well, that length is like the magic spot where the wax can really grab onto the hair, making your hair removal session top-notch! So, no need to trim those hairs.

Don't Shave

Hold back from shaving in between sessions. Shaving can irritate the skin and result in hair that feels sharper and coarser!


Try exfoliating in the morning before your appointment. It helps the wax grab the hair better by getting rid of dead skin. Just be gentle when you scrub, so it doesn’t make your skin too sensitive. After waxing, exfoliate every day to stop ingrown hairs from showing up.

Don't worry

Your friendly waxing expert is here for you. Remember to take a deep breath before and during your waxing. Do something calming, like meditation or sipping tea, to get ready. And hey, no need to stress – no one is judging you!

Show up to your appointment feeling chill. You know how it goes in life, right? The worrying before is usually worse than the actual thing.

Don’t let your friends’ scary waxing stories mess with your head – they’re not coming to us! And those dramatic YouTube clips and movie scenes? They’ll just make you more nervous. Remember, this is all about your experience, and we’re here to make it a good one!

Pain Medicine

If you think it might hurt, you can do some medication. Take some medicine that might lower the pain, like minutes before your appointment. It might make it feel a bit less hurty for you!

Wear Loose Clothing

Choosing loose clothing is a smart move because it lets everything breathe and heal properly after your waxing session.

Opt for comfortable attire instead of tight clothing, as tight or constricting clothing can rub against the freshly waxed skin, causing discomfort and potentially irritating the area. So, pick something comfy to wear and give your skin the relaxation it deserves!

Medication and Waxing

It’s a good idea to skip the waxing appointment if you’re currently using antibiotics, retinol, accutane, cancer medications, or products that thin the skin. Here’s why: these substances can make your skin more sensitive and prone to irritation.

Waxing already involves pulling hair from the roots, and with sensitized skin, the process might be more uncomfortable than usual. Additionally, these medications can affect the skin’s ability to heal, potentially leading to increased redness, inflammation, or even skin damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Avoid applying lotion right before the waxing treatment, and refrain from consuming alcohol and stimulants (such as caffeine) as they can tighten pores, making the waxing process less effective.

After your first waxing, you can enjoy those smooth results for about 3 to 6 weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows back. Usually, you’ll notice minimal hair growth in the first week or two, and it becomes more noticeable in the third and fourth weeks.

Our Brazilian waxing sessions typically last between 15 to 20 minutes. We believe that exceeding this timeframe would be unfair to our clients. We prioritize pain-free waxing for a comfortable experience.

Attempting Brazilian waxing solo on your own is not recommended. The challenging reach of certain body areas can result in a painful process, leading to frustration after numerous attempts. For this task, it’s crucial to rely on professionals in the field, such as the experts at Magdalen’s Pure Skin Care. While some estheticians may endorse at-home waxing for other body parts, it’s essential to emphasize that the professional consensus advises against self-administered Brazilian waxing.


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