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Save Big get the  Brazilian wax packages won’t last long! , This is for new clients  only

ONE BRAZILIAN WAX  $64.99  New clients ( value $83.99                             

ONE BRAZILIAN WAX WITH INGROWN HAIR THERAPY ROLL ON SERUM (YOU WILL TAKE THIS SERUM HOME if you suffer from dark spots and ingrown  hairs you will need this!) $95.73 NEW CLIENT

TWO  BRAZILIAN WAXES $129.98 NEW CLIENT (2nd Brazilian wax must be booked 4, 5, or 6 weeks after the first appointment New client

THREE  BRAZILIAN  WAXES   $194.97 (2nd and 3rd Brazilian wax must be Booked   for   4/ 5, or 6 weeks after the first   appointment, not a yr. later!) NEW CLIENT

Worried about a painful and unnecessarily long Brazilian Wax service? Seriously! Brazilian Wax shouldn’t take more than 10-15 minutes! It’s not a Facial or a Massage! You know those scary horror stories. Like 45 minutes to an hour for a Brazilian Wax. Not with us! And the other thing you need to know: the longer the hair the better (chia pet or little Amazon jungle the first time is good! Why you might ask? because if you shave let’s say a week or 2 before you have just messed up the hair growth cycle, we most likely will send you home because you, and me both want a very clean wax right? so put your worries aside. We will be having conversations about anything and everything and before you know it, we are done. Our painless Brazilian wax is 10-15 min or less. Yes! 10 to 15 minutes, not 45 min not one hour no, come in at your lunch break and you can still go for lunch. If you don’t want a full Brazilian—and I don’t know why you wouldn’t want a full Brazilian wax– just get a Bikini wax for $49.99, that is hair removal along the Bikini line and as much as you want on the top. We use both Hard Wax and Soft Wax. Our very high-quality waxes stick to the hair, not to the skin, not that sticky messy from nail salons. And no baby powder. You are not a baby! You know you deserve better! Come and get your Brazilian wax in a clean spa with laughter and music. 


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